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(1) provide a platform for scientific discourse during a time of social distancing

(2) highlight the work of trainees and early career investigators 

(3) serve as a much-needed distraction

All seminars are hosted on Thursdays at 1pm EST

WebEx registration links below or search #GutsandBugs on Twitter

March 19

Link expired

Kathryn Knoop, PhD, Asst Professor, Mayo Clinic

Gut mechanisms of neonatal sepsis

Diana Taft, PhD, postdoc, UC Davis

Bifidobacterium and the infant gut microbiome

March 26

Link expired

Greg Medlock, PhD, postdoc, UVA

A metabolomics-based strategy to produce multi-species probiotics

Melinda Engevik, PhD, Instructor, Baylor College of Medicine

Pathogen-pathogen interactions at the mucosal interface

April 2

Link expired

Johannes Mayer, PhD, postdoc, Malaghan Institute, NZ

High-dimensional analysis of intestinal immune cell populations during helminth infection

Jakob von Moltke, PhD, Asst Professor, UW

Small intestinal tuft cells: sentinels and effectors of Th2 immunity

April 9

Link expired

Cambrian Liu, PhD, postdoc, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Imaging tissue repair and epithelial stem cell adaptations to inflammation

Rachel Stine, PhD, postdoc, UPenn

Metabolic control of intestinal stem cell differentiation by PRDM16: is there a microbiome component?

April 16

Link expired

Madeleine Hu, PhD, MD/PhD student, Rutgers NJMS

Role of gamma delta IELs in pathological epithelial cell shedding 

Neil McCarthy, PhD, Instructor, Queen Mary University

Fungal suppression by human gut gamma delta T cells

April 23

Link expired

Graham Britton, PhD, postdoc, Icahn School of Medicine Mount Sinai

Immune responses in mice with human microbiota

Jacob Moskowitz, DVM, PhD, postdoc,

Cedars Sinai

Microbiota and host effects of Bilophila wadsworthia in a mouse model of colorectal cancer

April 30

Link expired

Yuuki Obata, PhD, postdoc, Francis Crick Institute

Gut Instincts: How Microbes Talk to Neurons

Corinne Benakis, PhD, PI, Ludwig-Maximilians University

Gut metabolites as immune modulators in stroke

May 7

Link expired

Andrea Kemter, PhD, postdoc, UChicago

Clostridia protect from food allergy by promoting intestinal barrier integrity and modulating retinoic acid metabolism

Ramona Hoh, PhD, Senior Scientist, Stanford

Gut-resident IgE+ B-lineage cells in human peanut allergy

May 14

Link expired

Joe Zackular, PhD, Asst Professor, UPenn

The battle for metals during Clostridioides difficile infection

Laura Cook, PhD, postdoc, UBC

Reduced Th17 immunity to C. difficile is associated with recurrent infection in humans

May 21

Link expired

Kelli VanDussen, PhD, Asst Professor, Cincinnati Children's

Microvilli-associated defects in Crohn’s disease intestine

Ta-Chiang Liu, MD, PhD, Asst Professor, WashU

Gene-environment interaction triggers Paneth cell defects in Crohn's disease

May 28

Link expired

Florian Rieder, MD, Asst Prof, Cleveland Clinic/Case Western

Microbiome and intestinal fibrosis

Janelle Arthur, PhD, Asst Professor, UNC

Microbial metallophores and fibrosis

June 4

Marie-Claire Arrieta, PhD, Asst Prof, UCalgary 

Intestinal fungi are causally implicated in microbiome assembly and immune development in mice


Frank Yeung, MD/PhD student (Cadwell lab), NYU 

Altered Immunity of Laboratory Mice in the Natural Environment Is Associated With Fungal Colonization

Irina Leonardi, PhD, postdoc, Weill Cornell

Immune Recognition of the Intestinal Mycobiota

June 11

Link expired

Sage Foley, graduate student (McCormick Lab), UMassMed

Microbiome regulation of intestinal P-glycoprotein expression in maintenance of homeostasis

Triet Bui, graduate student (Sumagin Lab), Northwestern

The pathobiology of neutrophils in gut inflammation, injury, and carcinogenesis

June 18

Link expired

Deepshika Ramanan, PhD, postdoc, Harvard

Maternal factors orchestrate multi-generational transfer of immune traits

Melody Zeng, PhD, Asst Prof, Weill Cornell

Gut microbiome-induced maternal IgG in early life immunity

June 25

Link expired

Jason Goldsmith, MD, PhD, postdoc, UPenn

TNFAIP8 controls intestinal stem cell homeostasis and regeneration by regulating microbiome-induced Akt signaling

Adam Gracz, PhD, Asst Prof, UNC

Quantifying chromatin dynamics during intestinal stem cell differentiation

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