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Edelblum Lab

 IBD research laboratory at Mount Sinai School of Medicine studying immune/epithelial interactions to better understand the underlying causes of Crohn's disease and discover potential new areas for therapeutic development

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3.1 million Americans


Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis affect 1.3% of the population with 70,000 new cases diagnosed every year. IBD is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors that lead to an abnormal immune reaction to the normal bacteria found in the intestine.



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We're excited to welcome Dr. Sajan Achi as a postdoctoral fellow to the lab! We look forward to learning more about microbiology as he works to expand our understanding of the relationship between commensals and gamma delta IELs.


We'll be presenting our work at DDW2023 on Monday @10:30am (Karen) and at AAI2023 (Natasha, Sara & Matt). Come say hello and learn what's new in gamma delta IEL biology. Otherwise, we'll all see you in Lisbon at the 10th gamma delta meeting!

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Weili Xu, PhD provides an insightful summary of why we need to examine the functional significance of CD103 signaling in the IEL compartment

August 2022


Karen chats with the hosts of Immunology Podcast about gamma delta T cells, IBD and immunology-themed cakes!

August 2022

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New publication on the role of specific microbiota in promoting gamma delta IEL proliferation and migration.

Click here to read our recently published work in Mucosal Immunology 

May 2022



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