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Edelblum Lab

 IBD research laboratory at Mount Sinai School of Medicine studying immune/epithelial interactions to better understand the underlying causes of Crohn's disease and discover potential new areas for therapeutic development

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3.1 million Americans


Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis affect 1.3% of the population with 70,000 new cases diagnosed every year. IBD is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors that lead to an abnormal immune reaction to the normal bacteria found in the intestine.



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Thank you to everyone who donated or joined us at the NYC Take Steps Walk! With your help we raised enough to support one undergraduate summer research fellowship!

June 2024


Matt will be presenting his thesis work and recent study available on bioRxiv (see below) on June 20th at 12pm ET! Link in title/photo.

June 2024

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Check out our latest preprint showing that type I IFN promotes gamma delta IEL antimicrobial responses through TCR-independent and -dependent mechanisms.

March 2024

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In a preprint available on bioRxiv, we show multiple layers of dysregulation within the gamma delta IEL compartment prior to the onset of Crohn's disease-like ileitis suggesting that altered gamma delta IEL biology may be a useful biomarker for disease relapse or response to therapy.

August 2023

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Are you an incoming graduate student at ISMMS? Are you looking for a mucosal immunology lab that incorporates basic and translational research? Do you appreciate a lab that supports a healthy work/life balance? Do you like snacks? If so, we might be the lab for you! Contact us below about a rotation.

Summer 2023



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